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Project Description

Multi-Store Rollout

We were given the opportunity to install new end caps for 135 locations in a chain of grocery stores. We received notice about the rollout on a Wednesday, and the start date for the project was the following Sunday, only four days later.

The Challenge

All the end caps had a very narrow window during which to be completed. Installing them too early meant they’d sit empty; installing them too late meant the merchandise would have been delayed in being put on display.

Our Plan

We coordinated with our regional and local vendors who we knew could get the job done. We put together a detailed schedule to make sure each team had enough time to properly install the end caps before the deadline. We then coordinated with each of the store management teams so they knew when our techs would be on site to complete the installation.

Making It Happen

We created a specific process for the crews to follow so we would know the minute each site was completed. Our installers were to upload before-and-after photos and signoff sheets for each site so we could share the data with our customer and keep them completely updated throughout the entire process.

The Results

We successfully completed all 135 installs before the deadline, and our customer was very pleased with the outcome. Due to our success with this rollout, the customer has awarded us the opportunity to complete several other similar rollouts.