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Project Description

Restaurant Remodel

We were given the opportunity to reimage a restaurant. The restaurant needed:

  • New interior and exterior paint
  • Exterior signage and awnings
  • Landscaping
  • Interior décor and wall coverings
  • New tables, booths, and chairs
  • New TVs and light fixtures throughout

The Challenge

The restaurant was to remain open throughout the entire process, and we were given three weeks to complete the remodel from start to finish.

Our Plan

We ordered materials and ensured they all arrived before the start of the project. We placed a Pod onsite to store all materials so the contractors would have easy access to what they needed.  Our local CFS team traveled to the site to lead local vendors we sourced to help with items like electrical, painting, and landscaping. We put together a strict timeline for each trade so the project was completed in phases and the contractors weren’t in one another’s way.

Making it Happen

Our team arrived onsite each night at closing time prepared to get started and make the most of the time they had.  We completed the project in phases, beginning with demo work and remodeling the bar and dining areas. Once these were complete, our electricians installed all new TVs and light fixtures. Next came painting, installing all new décor, and replacing the furniture. Each morning, our crews would leave the site spotless so the restaurant could open on time without any extra mess to deal with.

When the exterior was complete, our crews turned their focus to the exterior by painting, installing new awnings and signage, and freshening up the landscape.

The Results

We completed the project on time and under budget.  The transformation was amazing, and we have since completed similar projects in over 15 states for multiple different restaurant groups.